As Chicago’s dining scene continues to burgeon like perfectly cooked soufflé rising in the oven, many of the city’s talented chefs are finally getting the attention they deserve. From kiss-the-ring godfathers like Grant Achatz and Paul Kahan to Bravo network luminaries like Stephanie Izard and Graham Elliot, the Windy City is fast becoming one of the world’s foremost dining destinations.

Need further proof? How about a list of “up-and-coming” chefs? You know you’re dining scene’s elite when you can actually catalog an ancillary slideshow for chefs that deserve more attention. And with that said, this story could easily be 50 slides long. The depth of talented chefs and shortlist of must-visit restaurants grows on a seemingly daily basis in Chicago. So, tie on a bib and grab a fork as we introduce you to 10 Up-and-Coming Chefs in Chicago You Need To Know.

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