Here's the most unsurprising news you'll hear all day. CBS has axed their freshman series We Are Men, making the unfunny comedy the second fatality of the new fall television season.

This is not surprising for a few reasons: One, we called it. Two, the ratings sucked, and it was losing about a third of the audience that its lead-in, How I Met Your Mother, was pulling in. And three, it was yet another single-camera comedy about four bachelor dudes living in the same L.A. apartment complex making bad jokes about women, race, and sex because LOL, BOYS WILL BE BOYS. It's sort of unfortunate that the show was so terrible, because it did star talent like Kal Penn, Tony Shalhoub, Jerry O'Connell, and Chris Smith, but no worries—they'll be on to better things. 

Starting next Monday, We Are Men's 8:30 PM timeslot will be filled by 2 Broke Girls, and reruns of The Big Bang Theory will air at 9 PM for two weeks.

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[via ABC]