Mind control? Check. The hand of Satan? Check. Enough conspiracy theories for an entire season of X-Files? Check.

From haunted arcade cabinets that may have actually been thought control devices funded by the U.S. Government to a cartridge graveyard in the middle of the New Mexico desert, urban legends surrounding video games are about as old as the medium itself. Remember all those NES cartridges you blew into like you were auditioning to be the lead fluffer on the XXX remake of Game of Thrones (Game of Bones, last we checked), turns out you spent years actually ruining those old copies of Duck Hunt.

Nightmares, epilepsy, missing children, and visists from actual men in black all form some of the most enduring and pervassive urban legends surrounding video games. Here are 20 Video Game Myths, Conspiracy Theories, and Urban Legends to Celebrate Halloween.

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