What are the best four words to hear on any given day of the week, apart from "you've won the lottery," or "free cupcakes for life"? These: New Tina Fey show. According to Vulture, NBC has just bought a new series from the queen herself, Tina Fey, and even better—it's set to be a comedy starring the lovely Ellie Kemper of The Office and Bridesmaids. No word on if Fey will be making any appearances, but who cares? This woman is genius, and this show is going to be great.

The series is reportedly still untitled, but, plotwise, it'll focus on a woman (Kemper) who moves to NYC after escaping a "doomsday cult." Also, it's set to air in 2014, which isn't that far off! High-fiving a million angels over here.

[via Vulture]