When: January 2006
Where: The O'Reilly Factor 

Bill O' Reilly managed to get racist immediately in his 2006 interview with Damon Dash and Cam'ron on violence in hip-hop. He reminded Cam'ron and Dash that "we're going to have a nice intelligent discussion" before they began, which he rarely does when interviewing white guests. He brought in elementary school principal Salome Thomas-El as a counter to Dash and Cam'ron. Thomas-El brought up some very fair points and Cam'ron came back with some thoughtful rebuttals. Cam'ron referred to himself as a "reporter" and pointed out that school violence is clearly influenced by cultural forces other than rap. O'Reilly, who had clearly expected an easy win in this debate, struggled through the segment. It is worth sticking around until the 6:00 minute mark when Cam'ron taunts O'Reilly, "You mad. You mad." Spoiler alert: he mad.