Historically, rap music has adapted to advances in technology swiftly and with great success. In the early years of the genre, enterprising Uptown hustlers were selling tapes recorded directly from club PA systems. These documents of ephemeral nights became mix tapes, which eventually—shout out to DJ Clue—transitioned to mix cds, and now bundles of MP3s downloadable for free.

Like with music, rappers have also adapted to new platforms in marketing (word to Cam'ron's Instagram game). At best, the world is witness to a sterling application of digital social space. For example: Kanye West. God bless you, YEEZUS. Thanks to your skill in retweets, we don't even have to follow Kim to get at her best bits. Others, like Diddy and Jay, have utilized social media to maintain their fame and foster new audiences. In short, these three guys use social media correctly. 

Would be stars, take note: The 10 struggle rappers listed beyond don't.

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