In case you were a fan pissed that NBC passed on Sarah Silverman's 2012 pilot, Silverman posted the episode in its entirety on her YouTube channel, JASH. No, she didn't do so as a cry for help to get it on air. She did it just to do it, thanking 20th Century Fox for allowing her full access.

Titled Susan 313, the sitcom, which follows Silverman as she moves back into her old apartment and adjusts to life post-breakup, also stars Tig Notaro, June Diane Raphael, and Harry Wittels. Jeff Goldblum makes a cameo as her ex-boyfriend. 

It's easy to see why NBC passed. It's got nakedness, fart jokes, random sex, penis jokes, and something about a woman from a Taliban-controlled area of Afghanistan. In other words, it's not network TV, despite the cute kid who plays Tig Notaro's child. But in an effort to be suitable enough for the limitations of network, Susan 313 is also a watered-down version of the bawdy humor that defines Sarah Silverman. Her humor is like a child lighting dog poop on fire to get rid of it instead of picking it up with a bag—it's gross, but you have to respect the creativity.

Luckily for Silverman fans, she'll return to TV in all her uncensored glory with HBO's recently announced comedy pilot, People in New Jersey, co-starring Topher Grace. Directed by Paul Feig and produced by Lorne Michaels, the sitcom follows the Levin siblings, one a locksmith and the other a part-time department store employee (Grace and Silverman, respectively) as they bumble through life. Sounds like gold.

[via JASH, GIF via Brice Sander]

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