In case you weren't aware Ryse: Son of Rome isn't a democracy simulation. It won't be showing off the great thinkers of Roman history bringing people together on the backs of the dirty masses. It's story is more to the tune of depravity, vengeance, murder and seeing how many different ways developer Crytek can simulate sticking a short-sword through someone’s neck and still make it look pretty.

But we're totally okay with that. In fact this trailer featuring main character Marius Titus, shows that vengeance is best served at the end of a sword. Nobody’s going to be laughing at your sandals then. In Ryse, Titus will be beating the bloody truth from foes from the Colosseum to the Northern Lands, the dens of the barbaric horde.

Ryes: Son of Rome drops on November 22 and is an Xbox One exclusive that you can play on day one.

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[Via Polygon]