New York Comic Con was abuzz with cheers and whistles when video game designer, Eiji Aonuma, came out to talk about his latest project, The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds.

Being the obsessive people that we are, we already knew about Link’s new ability to turn into a painting and that this game was essentially a remake of fan-favorite, A Link to the Past. But we actually learned a lot at this year’s NYCC, namely that this game is a lot more different than you might think. One of the biggest differences is that the Dark World from A Link to the Past has been entirely revamped into what is now being called “Lorule” (Get it? Hyrule? Lorule? And yes, we’re dead serious). Unlike A Link to the Past’s Dark World, in Lorule, you actually get a castle that is the reverse of Hyrule’s, featuring a separate princess and everything. We also learned that in this game, you’ll actually be able to “rent” pretty much any weapon in the game from almost the very beginning, so you can explore the world at your own pace and visit dungeons in different order.

It’s kind of like Mega Man, but in Zelda form. One of the biggest shockers, though, came at the end of the panel. A fan asked Mr. Aonuma if we’d ever see a remake or update to the highly underappreciated, Majora’s Mask, to which he slyly commented that we just might if we beat the new game. (Goosebumps, people. We got goosebumps). Check out some of the pictures that we manage to snag at the panel. That shit’s legit, son.

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