It's been about a while since James Franco's Sal Mineo biopic was announced, and it looks like the film is finally going to see the light of day—three years later. 

The film, simply titled Sal, stars Val Lauren as the legendary, doomed actor, and briefly made rounds in the film festival circuit in 2011 (Venice, Austin) before eventually disappearing. Now that the film is finally being distributed by Tribeca Films, we finally have our first trailer that gives us a good look at Lauren as Mineo—and what to expect from the Franco-directed project.

Put simply, Sal follows actor Sal Mineo, who found early success (and Oscar nominations) in films like Rebel Without a Cause before he fell into a cycle of being typecast. He was also one of the first Hollywood actors to come out as gay. As for the film, it focuses mainly on the last day of Mineo's life before he was fatally stabbed to death in an alley behind his apartment in West Hollywood. Also, in addition to directing, Franco also stars as famed director Milton Katselas.

You can check out the trailer above. Sal is set to be released through VOD and iTunes on October 22, and it'll open in select theaters on November 1.