Here’s a staggering little factoid: almost 1000 people worked on the development of Assassin’s Creed IV, director Ashraf Ismail confirmed in a recent interview with Let’s put that into perspective for minute: Assassin’s Creed II had a development team of 450 people back in 2009, a huge production for its time. Resident Evil 6 had a staff of about 600 people working on three different continents. Now Black Flag has trumped them both, and by a wide margin.

Granted, Black Flag is a cross-generational game in Ubisoft’s biggest franchise that has an annual release around each holiday, not to mention the extra oomph that next-gen games have (and thus require). Will 1000 people ­­– or more – be the new standard for a triple-A next-gen production? One thing’s for sure: with numbers that big, either smaller-scale development is going to become a major factor or a lot of giants are going to fall.