When Elon Musk wants to do something, he makes it happen—though it may take some time to get there. 

Musk's project, the Grasshopper rocket, has just reached its highest point yet when it hit the 744 meter mark. Footage of the rocket's latest feat can be seen in the above video from SpaceX. The last video of the Grasshopper rocket came about a month ago, and it showed off the rocket's ability to shoot up, move about 1,000 feet sideways, then land back onto its launchpad in a standing-up position. The ultimate quest for the rocket is for it to reach space, deliver goods to spacecraft, and return to Earth; but that day is still far away, even though it is getting closer than it ever was before. "I think we now have all the pieces of the puzzle to bring the rocket back home," Musk said. When Musk is able to succeed, this will make space travel that much more efficient, and the Grasshopper will be able to bring astronauts supplies and equipment without sending a manned mission in order to bring it to them.

[via The Verge]