Apple better hurry up with an iWatch, because they're about to be left behind in a big way.

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Google is just months away from having their smartwatch go into production. The smartwatch will of course run Android, and will rely on the Google Now personal assistant features. Google Now provides quick information like travel times, weather reports, news and notifications. As of now, the rumors suggest that Google's device will function like Samsung's Galaxy Gear smartwatch, by tethering for data with other devices, like a smartphone. Though the Galaxy Gear was cool in theory, slowness and compatibility issues that didn’t let it connect with a wide variety of non-Samsung smartphones plagued its functionality. If Google can improve upon Samsung's rushed attempt at a smartwatch, and perhaps add their own touch to the concept, they can get out to a big lead on the market. Just two months ago, Google bought the smartwatch maker WIMM, which gets them some experience on their side. With Google Glass getting ready to go on sale to the public some time in the coming months, releasing a smartwatch before Apple's iWatch could potentially put a big thorn in Apple's side.

[via Wall Street Journal]

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