On Monday night, Elliot McIver was arrested in Burlington, Vt. after taking a Megabus ride from New York City with 30 grams of crack cocaine. This marks at least the fifth time in eight months that someone traveling from either New York City, Hartford, Conn. or Boston has been arrested for drug possession after departing Megabus at the University of Vermont's Davis Center.

This stream of arrests has prompted a University of Vermont spokesman to mention that the university has considered asking Megabus to stop using the Davis Center on its routes.

"There is clearly an ongoing problem that could put our community at risk. We take this issue seriously and are currently evaluating our options in order to identify a suitable and safe alternative location for the stop," Enrique Corredera told the Burlington Free Press earlier this week. 

Megabus has reportedly told the Free Press that it has cooperated with autorities in every investigation so far this year. We figure the fact that Megabus is a cost-efficient method of travel has something to do with its popularity amoung drug-traffickers. Here's the problem: the police are on to you guys.

Time to switch it up, no?

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[via Burlington Free Press]