With Tinder and social media, many college students are doing their ice-breaking online, but some of us like to do things the old fashioned way. Sure, you could @-mention, Facebook message or double-tap your way to a first date, but ultimately you'll end up with the lamest how-did-you-two-meet story of all time. To avoid the embarrassing, "We met because he "liked" a bunch of my Instagram photos and eventually started following me on Twitter" story, the crack team at Complex City Guide has put together a list of places to, you know, actually encounter people face-to-face. Behold, young'ns: The Best Places to Meet Girls on Campus.

[Disclaimer: The best way to meet girls is to come across like a decent, likeable person. Remember, women are just like you, only super into pumpkin spice lattes. We can provide you with places where you're likely to meet girls, but we can't save you from your own douchebaggery or guarantee results. Signed, Complex Media Legal Team]

Written by Sean Evans (@seanseaevans)