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One of the worst aspects of American culture is our reliance on chain restaurants. Since the 1950s, our country has been on a slow march towards making every exit off of every interstate in the country look exactly the same. Local diners and holes-in-the-wall across the U.S. continue to close their doors every year to make room for yet another fast food joint or over-priced "casual dining experience." Like most awful things that our world has to offer, these things are our fault. We've been lured by large portions, temporary sales, and talking animal mascots into these bland, harshly lit food factories. We have only ourselves to blame for the death of American food culture.

Let's take a look at some of the worst of these corporate cuisines that are being forced down our collective gullets. Whether they are fast food spots known to produce food that isn't fit for human consumption or tacky sit-down restaurants engineered for couples who have all but given up to chow down on unlimited carbohydrates of some sort, these are the lowest lows in American dining. Our scorn is just as unlimited as the breadsticks: here are the 15 Worst Chain Restaurants in America.

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