Steam and Valve Corporation have announced the release of its new SteamOS operation system. SteamOS will feature the “rock-solid” architecture of Linux with a gaming experience specifically for TVs and will be available soon as a free stand-alone operating system for living room machines.

Valve isn’t offering it up it’s mythic and secretive project dubbed the Steam Box just yet, but for Steam user who already have dedicated computer running steam on their Televisions, SteamOS offers a more stable environment to run them and allows streaming content from any other computer or operation system that is running Steam.

SteamOS is also free for developers and manufaters so any company now have instant and free access to Steam on their micro-console or home computers.

This is part one of three Steam reveals, the next one will be in two days. Stay tuned to Complex to how Valve is planning to take over our living rooms.

Here are five ways the SteamOS is going to change your gaming experience.

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