For those of you still dearly missing Ryan Atwood and the Cohen family ten years later, good news: Turkish television does too, so they're making their own little version of The O.C. Judging by the above trailer for the pilot, the premise seems to have remained the same from the American Josh Schwartz series—though, there are no actual subtitles, so I guess for all we know they could be talking about world politics or Syria. But it sounds like the same show: It reportedly follows "a group whose lives are forever changed when an outsider arrives at their affluent ocean-side residence." 

This is just the latest series in a string of American teen shows to be remade for foreign television—just earlier this year, Mexico began airing their very own version of another Josh Schwartz show, Gossip Girl, and simply re-titled it Gossip Girl Acapulco

[via The Hollywood Reporter]