Gossip Girl may have just ended its six-year run on The CW, but apparently there are still a few 'OMG's and 'XOXO's left for us yet: This time, from Mexico. Yes, a version of the series set in Acapulco is officially in the works - called Gossip Girl: Acapulco - and, save for a few changes in character names, the show looks like it's going to be exactly the same thing as its CW predecessor...headbands, bowties and all. 

The changes: Blair Waldorf is now Bárbara Fuenmayor, Serena van der Woodsen is now Sofía López-Haro, Jenny Humphrey is now Jenny Parra, Chuck Bass is now Max Zaga, Nate Archibald is now Nico de la Vega, Dan Humphrey is now Daniel Parra, and Vanessa Abrams is now Vanessa García. We've gotta say, save for Jenny and Vanessa, the casting seems pretty spot-on. Spoiler alert: Dan's eyebrows are probably so big because they're full of secrets. 

Interestingly, this isn't the first time there has been talk of a foreign Gossip Girl remake, but it seems to be the first time one resembling the original show this closely has actually gone into production. There was talk of a Chinese version called China Girl early last year, and in 2010 a Turkish version was discussed - additionally, there is an anime version

The series is set to premiere on Mexican television in July, and you can check out pictures of the new cast above. Viva la Gossip Girl?

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