If you haven't been hyper vigilant and obsessive about celebrity culture, you haven't noticed the fad sweeping Tinseltown: the tiny pinytail. Or as we'd like to call it:

Punytail - n. a neologism that describes a small, usually unnecessary up-do worn by a man.

It's an unflattering look on paparazzi-prone guys that makes them look like overgrown Honey Boo Boos, yet even the most rugged of celebs have taken a liking to the hairstyle. Admittedly, some guys have long enough hair to justify the pull-back, but others, not so much. So many celebs look like they've jacked their style from a baby girl done up for her first birthday party that we wonder just how short their hair can be to still justify a scrunchie. And thus began our search for the tiniest ponytail among Hollywood's male celebrities

Note: We eye-balled it. Actual measuring would have gotten us arrested.

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