Watch the trailer for The Stanely Parable above, then go about your day and try not to think about it. Can't be done! The indie-developed game is exactly what the name says, a parable of the life of an office worker venturing forth from his secure, womb-like office into the great corridors and stairwells beyond.

The trailer gets a wonderful talk-over from Chilled Chaos, adding to the empty-office weirdness of the game. The Stanely Parable has been finished and it set to release sometime in October. We're not sure if we're going to love or hate this game in the end but unless you’re a gaming farmer this one might hit a little close to home. Heck, maybe when you're down you'll join the peace corps or read Eat, Pray, Love and get your life together.

We can't wait to go down the rabbit hole. Check out the developer’s Twitter for updates on The Stanley Parable set for release in October.

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[Via RockPaperShotgun]