Move over iTunes and Amazon: things are about to get even more crowded in the Video-On-Demand market, because we're adding Target to the list. WTF Target?

Yup. Target, your go to store that's just like Wal-Mart but sometimes cleaner, is launching it's own VOD service, which they're dubbing Target Ticket (a little catchy?) Some company employees have been trying out the service since May, and were recently told they should expect a launch "soon." Target Ticket reportedly already has about 15,000 titles ready to purchase or rent (and not stream, à la Netflix), which are made up of new releases, classic shows, and movies. As of now, it seems that Target's pricing is in line with other services, with new movie purchases running $14.99, and rentals going for $3.99 to $4.99. The employee testers have already received iOS and Android apps as well, and Target is planning to launch the service on game consoles and TV boxes. 

If you're a Target loyalist, you'll be glad to hear that REDcard holders will get a slight discount on rentals and purchases on Target Ticket.

Looks like poor Blockbuster will never catch a break

[via The Verge]