Namco Bandai is not necessarily a company to fuss over relevancy, it seems, as Joystiq reports that the once-popular Spawn will be making the cut in Soul Calibur II's upcoming HD redux. Soul Calibur is no stranger to platform-exclusive characters, as Todd McFarlane's marginalized anti-hero was for SCII's original Xbox release (alongside Tekken's Heihachi and Zelda's Link on the PS2 and Gamecube, respectively).

Heihachi will also be returning for the HD re-release, but Spawn's popularity has arguably waned in over the past 15 years, making his inclusion something of an oddity. There are also rumblings in Hollywood about rebooting the property for the big screen again, so either this is some weird '90s shout-out or some execs are confused about what zeitgeist means. (Then again, Soul Calibur II HD Online is a nostalgia grab from its very core, and just look at that costume.)

Whatever the case, you can play as Spawn, Heihachi and the rest of the Soul Calibur gang online on PS3 and Xbox 360 this fall.

Via Joystiq