Michael Bay has released the first publicity photos from the upcoming Transformers four-quel, subtitled Age of Extinction. No shot of any Dinobots, let alone Autobots or Decepticons, just new star Mark Wahlberg, pensievely contemplating if he can pick up where Shia Labeouf left off, along with co-star Nicola Peltz, who's clearly stressed that she'll pull a Rosie Huntington-Whiteley instead of a Megan Fox. (And there's third lead Jack Reynor in the background for good measure.)

Not much is known about the plot, aside from Kelsey Grammar's recent appointment as lead villain and Wahlberg's assertion that it will be a "standalone movie." But rest assured. Bay's second set picture confirms that things will blow up real good in the harsh light of day, as per usual.

[Images via michaelbay.com]

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