While most of us use Instagram to show off the more interesting parts of our lives, Benny Winfield Jr., going under the username mrpimpgoodgame, concocted a pretty different approach to using the photo-sharing service. Sporting over 27,000 followers, and growing at a rapid rate, Winfield curates his entire profile with near-identical selfies of him in extremely nondescript places, many of which feature his signature mustache.

Is this a case of a brilliant Internet troll? Or does Winfield genuinely think his life is so fascinating that everyone on Instagram seriously needs to see every facet of his seemingly mundane life? Regardless, Instagram seems to be taking to Winfield's selfies, if his exponentially rising follower count is any indication.

“Clearly, he loves his face, and nothing else,” as Instagram user m_t pointed out on one of Winfield's many many pictures. Really, we can't argue with that one, but it seems, at the very least, that Winfield is having a great time as his alter ego mrpimpgoodgame. 

[h/t @alexnoellecov]