Nintendo unveiled the 2DS handheld system last week to the great surprise and shock of basically everyone. The newest entry in the DS/3DS line looks absolutely nothing like its predecessors. And the differences are more than skin deep; not only does the 2DS not fold in half like every previous DS and 3DS system, but the 2DS is the first Nintendo handheld since the 3DS launched not to feature stereoscopic 3D.

At a cheaper price point, the 2DS could well appeal to parents looking for a bargain and even gamers who don't care about 3D visuals. It does look goofy, but we've yet to play on the 2DS or even see it in person, so we'll leave any real judgments until we do.

In the meantime let's have a bit of fun. Here are 10 Things Nintendo's 2DS Best Resembles

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