If you haven’t heard of La-Mulana, and chances are you haven’t, here’s a quick primer: imagine Indiana Jones as a 2D, Japanese 16-bit style non-linear Metroidvania title. Now ratchet up the difficulty to appeal to hardcore players, particularly that like utterly insane boss battles. Finally, add a bevy of brutally, bafflingly difficult environmental puzzles that play out like riddles across the vast temple that is the game’s setting – challenges so unbelievably obscure you’re likely to never get through them all without looking something up.

Sound amazing? You bet it does. (It was also basically made by one guy ­– chew on that for a minute.)

Now here’s the even better news: La-Mulana is getting a sequel. While director Takumi Naramura, has said he wants to make the game a bit less mentally taxing, given his development sensibilities it seems unlikely the game will swing too far in the other direction.

Though a playable demo of the sequel was on display at TGS, Naramura and his team Nigoro are staying tight-lipped about any of the game’s sequels. La-Mulana is a tough act to follow, but whatever the sequel may hold, more of Naramura’s brand of hardcore design is definitely a good thing.

Want to check out the original La-Mulana? it’s available right now for PC and, oddly, Wiiware.

Via Nigoro

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