The iPhone 5S is the hottest thing in the smartphone world right now: it's sold out everywhere, you're lucky if you got your hands on a gold one, and it ups the ante for security thanks for its nipple-print functionality. 

Wait, what?

Yeah. If you very well want to, you can use your iPhone 5S' fingerprint Touch ID scanner for things other than your fingerprint, like your nipple—and it works surprisingly well. A man in the video above uses his iPhone 5S for just that, registering his nipple in the scanner, and using it to unlock his device. He tries out the scanner on another man's nipple, and it doesn't work, leaving his iPhone 5S nice and secure. With new reports coming in that people have figured out a way to "hack" the fingerprint functionality of the 5S (it's not really a hack, more like old-fashioned fingerprint copying), if you're worried about people breaking into your stuff, nipple printing your iPhone 5S might be a good way to make sure you lock down your phone. Just don't forget to take your paranoia pills while you're at it.

Apple without Steve Jobs, everyone.

[via Mirror]