The previous season of Showtime's Homeland ended with a terrorist attack by way of bombing CIA headquarters and most of their high-ranking officials. Now, talking with TV Guide, executive producer Alex Gansa previews the third season, specifically Carrie and Saul's respective states of mind and character arcs. The comment that jumps out though, is Gansa's description of the new season. "It's a reflective beginning. I don't think it's any slower, but there's certainly not a lot of action. It's a quieter kind of energy."

"Quieter energy" sounds like the best way to proceed in the wake of the bombing. Trying to top it or maintain that level of action is entering 24 territroy, Gansa and fellow showrunner Howard Gordon's previous writing occupation. As great as that series was, Homeland drives in a different gear, and should stay that way. The new season premieres tonight at 9. Read Gansa's full preview with TVGuide here.

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[via TVGuide]

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