When was the last time you played a really difficult game? We’re not refereeing to dying a couple of times and finishing the level. We’re referring to the last time you thought you couldn’t go on. When you though “this can’t be the game, it’s impossible.” Unless you’re a fan of old school arcades or the masochistic Japanese Dark Souls series then chances are your answer is: not very often.

Most games recently released are made so that casual players can get through them without too much trouble. But that’s a problem for hardcore gamers who realize the value of playing a truly difficult game. The difficulty of the gameplay makes the victory all the more sweet.

Nintendo’s head, Saturo Iwata, state­d earlier this year that Nintendo has been making its games easier. Nintendo runs a test every year where they time players to see if they can complete the first level of Super Mario Bros. and over time we’re collectively getting worse and worse. “This year [2013], around 90 percent of the test participants were unable to complete the first level…”

We left some games out, after all it’s hard to pick out just which of the Ninja Gaiden or Mega Man series is the most difficult but we picked out the ones we had the most trouble with. We also didn’t count the games that are just unfairly impossible. NetHack and I Wanna Be That Guy: The Movie: The Game are just unfairly slanted and feel like they don’t give players a chance.

Check out some of the hardest games ever made and why if you haven’t played them maybe you should! Stay humble gamers.

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