Three sneaky gamers decided to dress us as cops and skip the launch line for Grand Theft Auto V at the Staten Island Mall in New York and nearly got away with it. One suspect is an auxiliary NYPD officer and another is the son of a retired officer.

The trio showed up at the midnight launch of GTA V in a car purchased in a police auction described by officers as "an exact replica of an unmarked police vehicle," complete with lights. The group was mistaken for police by mall security, one guard even offered them coffee and the GameSpot manager thanked them for the additional security.

The group went along with being mistaken and flashed an auxiliary badge to get into the GameStop where one suspect told the manager that "I'm with the NYPD" and asked to purchase a game. The manager sold him the game but soon realized something was amiss when the group quickly left the mall, got into their car and pulled a U-turn in front of a real police officer in a unmarked car.

Luckily the NYPD followed and pulled over the car. All three men now face a single count of second-degree criminal impersonation, a misdemeanor punishable by up to a year in jail. That’s what you get for cutting line! We bet their cellmates will be interested in hearing about their online gangs.

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[Via SiLive]