A man named Eddie Murphy was arrested for robbing a bank in Southeast D.C. yesterday. No, no not the famous comedian and actor who blessed the world with the timeless Coming to America, but still. Eddie Murphy. Eddie fucking Murphy.

Authorities say that the 51-year-old, who also goes by "Five Knots," allegedly entered a SunTrust near the Navy Yard Metro station and slipped a note to a teller demanding cash. After receiving an undisclosed amount of money, he fled. Murphy was arrested around 3:45 p.m. yesterday and charged with robbery by fear. 

Police say Five Knots has been a fugitive for over a year after he broke probation for robbing another bank in Maryland. Now let the "Eddie Murphy's been robbing Hollywood since the '90s" jokes commence. He's probably somewhere counting his money, making the face below while considering a project titled Five Knots: The Eddie Murphy Story.


[via DCist]