Geek culture has been, for better or for worse, co-opted. Geek culture is mainstream culture, and it shows no signs of branching off and returning to its humble, sub-culture roots.

You'd be hard pressed to find an adult under the age of 40 that doesn't have at least some experience playing video games. Arcades, home consoles, mobile titles, and PC titles have had years to proliferate and saturate entertainment. Most grandparents could pick out Mario or Luigi if they were forced to. That's not a bad thing, it's just telling of how far the reach of video game and video game culture has traveled from its humble beginnings.

What may be harder is convincing your non-gaming loved ones and significant others that there's a place for them at the table of gaming. For some, it's merely a lapse in their gaming careers; for others, the entire world of gaming may come of as intimidating. Where would you even start if you were to pick up a controller for the first time today?

Allow us to help. Here are The Best Ways to Get Your Non-Video Game Playing Significant Other to Be Your Player 2.

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