Next time you whine about taking a final after drinking three too many bottles of cheap wine on a Wednesday, remember that college is really cool. The coolest thing about college is that you're basically being paid by your family or the government (even if only in part) to learn some really interesting shit that you'll hopefully apply towards a job one day. College will also give you access to knowledge and the opportunity to travel to different countries to "learn" there. They'll call it studying abroad, but it's basically a three-month-long party with hot foreign girls who don't know how dorky you are at home.

If you've never considered studying abroad, and you have the means, you really should. You can finish college while chillin' in different countries and you'll have tons of stories to bring back to your friends who decided that they'd rather send three to six months crashing frat parties for fun. 

We strongly urge you to consider studying abroad in one of these 15 amazing cities. We choses these cities less for their academic factors (which exists in all of them, and can vary widely by university) and more for their personality-altering, I-cant-believe-this-is-really-my-life factor.