Major Nelson has released a new video detailing the improvements and features of the Xbox One controller in a side-by-side comparison to the Xbox 360 perhiperal.

General Manager of Xbox accessories, Zulfi Alam, explains the improvements, which number about 40, and its completely re-written proticol features. The emphasis seems to be on core gamers, naturally those who play ten hours or more at a time would be the ones most effected by a new controller design.

One, if not the only complaint of an otherwise solid controller, was that the Xbox 360 had a squishy D-pad. The plus sign pad is now sitting upon the motherboard giving in a click when depressed, instead of the soft toggle of the 360.

Another feature of the controller is the hepatic feedback in the triggers, allowing users, for instance, to feel the trigger-pull of different types of weapons or the sensation of gravel or break-slipping in racing games; this feature seems hard to imagine but we're hoping it'll pay off in use.

The controller also features a mini USB that allows it to convert to a competition worthy gaming perhipheral. Mr. Alam also explained that the wireless protocols have been re-written shaving milliseconds off of the response time, so no more blaming the milliseconds for messing up your game.

Another interesting feature uses Kinect to recognize when the controller is handed between two users, the system will automatically change accounts, so no more friends screwing up your games either!

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