Wale's expanding his horizons.

The Gifted topped the Billboard 200 in July, so the rapper is trying his hand at other endeavors—like reviewing restaurant's on Yelp. On Wednesday, he published his first review, a glowing account of his experience at D.C.'s Asia 54 (2122 P St. NW):

Stumbled across this place while looking for some pho. Place was quiet but it was a little on the late side. Menu is a combination of chinese, japanese and thai. I get scared when multiple countries/ethnicities are represented on a menu but it can also be great (DC carryouts?).

I ordered the shrimp tempura roll, fried chicken wings (with Asia 54 sauce aka mambo sauce) and fried rice with chicken, beef and shrimp. Dan ordered coconut shrimp and fried rice with chicken and crab meat. DMan ordered chicken wraps and pad thai. Weisman ordered tuna tartare, yellowtail carpaccio, tom yum soup and chicken claypot.

The food came out at a good pace. I destroyed the shrimp tempura roll and immediately ordered another. I'm kinda new to sushi so I go with less adventurous rolls as opposed to sashimi which I'm still wrapping my head around. I know it's about the texture. The wings were great too. Not too fried and not too much sauce. Dan seemed to enjoy the coconut shrimp. I tried two pieces of the yellowtail because the server informed us it was flown in yesterday and the key to good sushi is the freshness and boy could you taste the difference.

When the fried rice came out my mouth started watering. They said I could only choose one meat but for a little extra they allowed me to do the triple crown (chicken, beef and shrimp). I asked for it extra spicy. Good call. The spiciness was there without compromising the flavor. It also wasn't too salty or too oily. Arguably the best fried rice I've had all year. I coulda snapped two orders.

We ended the meal with an order of mango and sticky rice. This was my first time trying it and it was very interesting. The warm rice complements the cold mango perfectly to create a truly delectable savory dessert.

I would highly recommend this restaurant and cannot wait to go back again for the sticky rice.

He also reviewed San Francisco's House of Nanking, which he calls "arguably [his] favorite Chinese restaurant anywhere." Furthermore, he's quite fond of the Chicken Satay at Mr. Chow's in Beverly Hills, saying it's "chemically addictive." We know Wale's well-versed (and critical) of restaurant culture, even going as far as to call the mild sauce at Harold's in Chicago "overrated," so we'd be curious to hear his thoughts on other restaurants across the U.S.

[via DCist]

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