On Aug. 26, Switzerland will take "safe sex" to new levels thanks to drive-in "sex boxes" designed to bring some order to prostitution. Nine spaces (which are essentially garages) set up in the western part of Zurich will open for business, and drivers are instructed to follow a path where they can select from up to 40 prostitutes. After negotiations have wrapped, they can pull into one of the boxes to seal the deal.

Each station is marked with posters preaching safe sex and warning about the dangers of AIDS. Furthermore, each box is fitted with alarms which prostitutes are encouraged to use if they fear for their safety. They will be open from the evening until 5 a.m. daily, but they are only open to johns with cars. 

The areas were installed to keep prostitutes out of residential areas and downtown; anyone cruising for prostitutes outside of the not-so-free zones can be fined. The measure was also taken to combat pimping. Although prostitution is legal, sex workers pay a tax every night they work.

Nobody gets over on the government in Switzerland—not even prostitutes.

[via The Telegraph]