We were promised a Steam Box and we want it now!

Ever since rumors emerged in 2012 and Valve’s Gabe “big boss” Newell started talking about the revolution he wanted to bring to our living rooms we’ve been waiting for an update.

Defined as the Xi3’s Piston, then quickly redacted we were tricked into thinking it was finally here. In the lead-up to E3 Valve kept the Steam Box concept in the dark and chose not to exhibit at all, confusing the hell out of everyone.

Now Valve is showing up at Gamescon in Cologne is August, one of their subsections showing that they are developing PC hardware. What could that be? Valve has brought us several genre revolutions with their software and now could they bring us a revolution in living room gaming?

We run down the history of the white Unicorn called the Steam Box and sort through the veil to get an idea of what might be in store for the future of gaming.

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