Here's the most important piece of news you'll read all night: According to EW, Syfy has settled on a title for their highly anticipated, NYC-set Sharknado sequel that's set for release next year. We feel like there should be a drumroll here, or something.

Anyway, here it is...

Sharknado 2: The Second One.

It's nice to see that producers are so self-aware, they're totally just going to call their movie "the second one" because they can. SHARKNADO. Actually, they should just change the title of the first one to Sharknado: The First One, because why not? Make it cohesive. It'll be all the better for the eventual box-sets.

As previously reported, Syfy had turned to Twitter for sequel title suggests, and promised that they would monitor the hashtag and choose the best title to actually use. It was a success, of course—the competition reportedly attracted over 5,000 submissions via Twitter. We'd really like to meet the lucky guy or girl who came up with this name. 

Sharknado 2: The Second One is set to premiere on Syfy in July 2014. 

[via EW]