Looks like someone at Syfy took our suggestion! According to The Hollywood Reporter, the cable network is officially planning a sequel to their wildly popular original film Sharknado, and even better—this one will be set in New York City. SHARKS ON THE EMPIRE STATE BUILDING.

But seriously, this is really happening. Sharknado 2 (unofficial title, thankfully) is slated for a 2014 release, and will feature a plot involving a tornado full of sharks hitting NYC. Like The Day After Tomorrow, but with sharks. Basically, someone at Syfy is a genius, and we will absolutely watch this. In fact, here's a better idea, Syfy: someone just get Roland Emmerich in on this project! It'll be great! 

For the record, in case you missed it: the New York Post published a piece earlier this week in which real-life marine biologists confirmed that a 'sharkicane'—that is, a hurricane FILLED WITH SHARKS—could feasibly happen in NYC if the circumstances were right. Since it might be redundant to use a tornado as a plot device twice, perhaps Syfy should just go with that idea to switch it up a bit. Just spitballing, here!

The network will be hosting a Twitter competition soon so fans can tweet their ideas for the official name to @SyfyMovies, under the hashtag #SHARKNADO. For a title, though, there are so many great possibilities here: Sharknado 2: Revenge of the Sharks, A Good Day For a Sharknado, 2 Sharknado 2 Furious...we could go on and on. 

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[via The Hollywood Reporter]