We figured it probably happened, but now we have confirmation: Members of the National Security Agency spy on their love interests from time to time. U.S. officials came clean about this, though they say it doesn't happen that often. However, it occurs frequently enough for the agency to christen the misconduct with the hilarious code name "LOVEINT."

This news comes after it was revealed that the NSA had comitted close to 3,000 violations over the course of a year. Still, Chief Compliance Officer John DeLong insisted that these cases did not occur intentionally. LOVEINT is categorized as "wilfull misconduct," and DeLong said there have only been "a couple" such incidents in the past ten years.

In a statement released yesterday, the NSA added that no major surveillance laws have been violated in the "very rare" case of these incidents. Specifically, LOVEINT violations involved officers spying on spouses or significant others. Officials say that most of these incidents were self-reported and that employees faced administrative consequences or termination.

Don't abuse your resources, especially if it can cost you your job. On the other hand, can you even handle the truth? Go to listen to Mario Winans, suckers.

[via Wall Street Journal]