Excited for The Witcher 3 yet? If you’re not (or if you’re a Game of Thrones fan, or both) you should be. The wait for CD Projekt Red’s stunning open-world RPG may be agonizing, and if you watch the new CG trailer – which CD Projekt hired Hollywood effects talent to create – it’s just going to make it more so.

Trust me, you’re going to want to twist the knife for this. Watching a grizzled Geralt take down a group of lowlife thugs about to kill (or probably much worse) an innocent girl in the country side as only a Witcher will get your blood pumping, and since its next-gen graphics can’t quite measure up (not to worry – in real-time the rendering is still jaw-dropping) you’ll come away really wanting a Witcher CG film.

That ain’t gonna happen, so just enjoy the trailer and read Andrzej Sapowski’s  translated books in the meantime.

Via Youtube