Sept. 10th is going to be a big day for Apple fanboys, whether or not they'll be picking up the next generation of iPhone or not. Thanks to an email a developer named Owen Williams got from Nuance, the company behind Siri, it looks like iOS 7 will be released the day of the new iPhone's announcement. 

This means that the new iPhones themselves, the so-called 5S and low-budget 5C, may be released pretty close to Sept. 10th, if not on the very same day (Apple has done it before, but not with the iPhone). Here is the email Williams received—though, after this leak, we doubt he'll be getting any more pre-release emails in the future. 

If you're wondering, the "GA" behind iOS 7 GA means General Availability. Considering that the email came from Nuance, this is as close as we can get from a straight confirmation of iOS 7s release from Apple. So, knowing that iOS 7 may drop Sept. 10th, will you hold off on getting a new iPhone?

[via The Verge]