Google likes being ahead of the game, and it just might be getting ahead in an industry that it has no products in—yet. 

With Google's recent partnerships, it looks like the company is pushing to make self-driving cars a thing of the near future. The technology has already been toyed with by Google (see video above) and other manufacturers in recent years, but Google may actually manufacture its own car. That's right: they're not looking to slap a Toyota or Chevy with a "Google" sticker on its doors. They want an actual, full bred Google car, that drives itself.

The company is in talks to partner with Continental AG and Magna International with the hopes that manufacturing and supply companies can piece together a car under Google's specifications. And, as one report says, Google's plan is to put pressure on the entire car industry to create driverless car technology—with or without their involvement. Google isn't necessarily trying to open its own car lots, though; rather, they are looking into a "robo-taxi" service that would feature these driverless cars picking you up and dropping you off at your convenience. No more small talk with the taxi driver you'll never see again. Let's just hope that if they do design a car, it comes out looking cooler than the Prius.

[via Quartz]