While you may not have heard of the indie hit Dustforce, that shoudn't keep you from getting excited that it's coming to current-gen consoles. Announced last night at a PAX industry event focusing on Sony's continued full-bore indie initiative, this relatively unknown (and very slick-looking) platformer is coming not just to PS3 and Vita, but Xbox 360 as well, according to a post on Capcom's Unity blog.

Whether or not this means the game will be making its console debut with added content or if it's a straight port remains unclear, as does any cross-platform compatibility features between the PS3 and Vita versions. (Though given the fact that there was no new trailer is highly suggestive that it won't be a straight port.

That said, Dustforce also probably has one of the best game soundtracks this side of Fez, so that probably doesn't hurt either. Check out the game's original trailer and decide for yourself.

Via Capcom-Unity