Least hipster feature: Tyson Fresh Meats
Least hipster person: Dear Abby
Least hipster moment: Lewis and Clark

Google "hipster" and Sioux City and you get an underwear article and some Yelper's attempt to describe a local pizza joint. But Sioux City lacks all of the public necessities to make it remotely hipster. There's bus lines, but no designated train system and a Walkscore of only 46 which makes it almost impossible for the eco-friendly hipster to navigate without a car, which is hard to afford in a city where the per capita income is less than $20,000. But, if you want to live on the cheap in a place where job growth is going up, cost of living is down, and small business are booming, Sioux City can make your entrepreneurial dreams come true, all while being surrounded by pretty parks and ancient Native American history. Yeah, you might have to give up fancy coffee and seeing local bands who will eventually break, but Sioux City makes up for that in golfing and some casinos.