When listening to the public relations of any of the Android systems there is one common theme: what it could be. It’s true that given the right games and the correct marketing it could blow open the console market this holiday season. But it won’t. Not yet, at least.

The future of micro-consoles may lie in the hands of streaming services. Valve is beta testing its streaming service, Steam, on Nvidia’s Shield. It’s possible that the integration of Steam and low cost and accessible hardware could actually bring serious AAA titles to gamers and ultimately offer Android consoles a killer app. But without big open game markets these companies are left to squabble over exclusives to games that, unfortunately, don’t appear to making very much money.

If the hapless trajectory of Nintendo Wii U has taught us anything, it’s that no matter how good your hardware is you must have the support and trust of developers and publishers to provide the games that sell your system.