Have you ever looked at one of your friend's on any social media app and wondered aloud, "Why is this fool standing in the grass, holding an alligator like Beyoncé?" Saw a Facebook and Twitter status that sounded like it came from the mouth of an Oscar-winning superstar? Or even a Vine or Instagram Video that looked as if it were pre-planned in the offices of Ryan Seacrest or Andy Cohen? While it's known that celebrity culture has slapped the smart completely out of CNN and other news outlets, it's not just the media caught up in its rapture. It's your cousin, ex-girlfriend, and that person you thought you had a crush on until you noticed the personality disorder. Here we take a look at the top signs that you're fronting like a celebrity on social media. If you exhibit one or two qualities, it's okay, you can work that off. Three and above? You're a lost cause