Where: Canada
Address: 220 Yonge St., Toronto
Website: torontoeatoncentre.com
Year Built: 1977

Toronto's Eatons Center sits in the heart of downtown Toronto. We promise you won't miss it-the world's biggest Sears dominates the street with 817,850-square-feet of retail space. Depending on when you go, you might catch a celeb mid-book tour at the Indigo Books and Music store; JWOW, Gordon Ramsey, and Kat Von D all stopped in recently, so you get the caliber of superstar the bookstore brings in. If you look up, a group of fiberglass Canada Geese are frozen mid-flight, hanging from the domed ceiling. The sculpture, Flight Stop, is by Canadian artist Michael Snow, who once sued the mall for hanging Christmas ribbons around his tiny sculptures.