Even as Microsoft fights to maintain a positive image for its contentious Xbox One – so far they’ve almost totally reversed their DRM-friendly, no-used-games strategy they had set in place for the 360’s successor – things continue to go awry. Now Oddworld creator Lorne Lanning is saying that indies just aren’t really in Microsoft’s sights at all.

“We’re not on the radar. We’re little guys. It doesn’t seem like any of the little guys are on the radar,” Lanning – whose Oddworld remake with UK developers Just Add Water is in development for the PS4 – recently told VG 24/7. “When we listen to them talk, we have to laugh. It’s pure rhetoric.”

While Microsoft has not made a great show of expressing an interest to work with indie developers for Xbox One games (their policy is that indie devs can’t self-publish on the platform without a publishing partner – not a possibility for many small projects), Lanning and other developers like him seemingly coming out against the Xbox isn’t going to help the Redmond giant win any favors.

Lanning even went so far as to say that Microsoft’s entire PR and strategic planning team should be fired to make a real statement.

“There should be a big, mass firing and they should publicize that. Then they’d get people saying, ‘Hey, maybe there’s going to be a good change,’” he said.

Read the full interview at the link below.

Via VG 24/7